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  • FIIT Consulting

    FIIT Consulting was founded in 2018 to offer Finance IT Organisations high-quality, hands-on advice and support in their Aptitude Software transformation projects. Having ...

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  • PwC

    Aptitude and PwC have a long history and have partnered on many engagements across the areas of finance digitalization, revenue automation and lease accounting.  

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  • EY

    How EY partner with Aptitude Software EY is a global strategic advisory partner, dedicated to helping organizations solve their toughest challenges and realize their greatest ...

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  • Nextwave

    How NextWave works with Aptitude Software NextWave are a Financial Services focused consultancy who are passionate about working with new technologies, providing experienced ...

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  • Deloitte

    About Deloitte Deloitte is a leading professional services organization and participates in a global alliance with Aptitude Software across multiple industries and sectors. ...

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  • KPMG

    How Aptitude Software works together with KPMG KPMG & Aptitude Software have launched a new managed service to help private companies adopt the new Revenue Recognition ...

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  • Tata

    About Tata Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a global leader in providing information technology services, consulting and digital and business solutions to large enterprises ...

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Aptitude Solutions

  • Solving for the intersection of revenue recognition and lease accounting

    Solving for the intersection of revenue recognition and lease accounting

  • Subscription-to-Revenue Management (S2RM)

    Subscription-to-Revenue Management (S2RM)

  • Finance Digitalization and Transformation

    Finance Digitalization and Transformation

    Build an efficient, automated finance department that can respond and report in real-time, unlocking value for the broader business.


  • Revenue Management

    Revenue Management

  • Subscriber & Product Management

    Subscriber & Product Management

  • Subscription, Data & Compliance

    Subscription, Data & Compliance

  • Payment Orchestration & Billing

    Payment Orchestration & Billing

  • Subscription Management & Billing

    Subscription Management & Billing



  • Compliance Solutions

    Compliance Solutions

  • KPMG’s Managed Service for Aptitude Accounting Hub

    KPMG’s Managed Service for Aptitude Accounting Hub

  • De-risk an ERP and General Ledger cloud migration

    De-risk an ERP and General Ledger cloud migration

  • The finance department’s move to the cloud

    The finance department’s move to the cloud

  • Finance Calculation and Cost Allocation Software

    Finance Calculation and Cost Allocation Software

  • Integrate finance, from source to post

    Integrate finance, from source to post

    Replace manual, Excel-driven or opaque integration processes with a transparent data lineage between the books and records system and front office transaction systems.

    To support their organizations, CFOs have invested heavily in enterprise technology such as data warehouses and data integration middleware but finance teams have struggled to achieve the promised benefits. Aptitude Software provides unique finance and accounting integration solutions that link billing, trading, operational and finance architectures to provide a single finance and accounting operational environment. Our solutions enable finance and finance IT teams to deliver transparency, business insight and confidence in data while speeding manual processes.

    See how Aptitude Software can serve as the link in your finance architecture.

  • Improve availability and quality of financial information

    Improve availability and quality of financial information

    A recent survey of 700 finance professionals highlighted that two thirds have not mastered the volume and variety of business data.

    Aptitude Software helps our enterprise customers to create a ledger-certified financial data foundation that links transactions from source-to-post. With a single operational environment, financial controllers, accountants, auditors and business partners are able to understand and have confidence in balances and control accounting rules. In turn, this ensures that finance can confidently deliver data and informational insights for business analysis and reporting.

    Learn about how a large Consumer Financial Services organization provides a platform for next-generation finance and analytics.

  • Standardize and automate accounting and transaction processing

    Standardize and automate accounting and transaction processing

    Put control back into the hands of Financial Controllers and CFOs with a trusted financial data foundation and rules-based accounting engines.

    Aptitude Software helps CFOs to bring together data from hundreds of source systems to centralize transaction processing & accounting.  With event-driven, rules based accounting engines, accounting sub-ledgers and other specialist finance applications, we help finance teams to standardize and automate key processes while integrating front and back office systems.

    Learn more about how the Aptitude Accounting Hub drives standardization and automation.

  • Address regulatory reporting requirements

    Address regulatory reporting requirements

    New accounting standards and regulatory changes can mean significant work for finance and IT teams.

    Aptitude Software combines financial expertise with sophisticated, packaged solutions that help organizations efficiently address new regulations.  We work with our customers and partners to advise clients and develop efficient, innovative solutions to accounting policy changes such as IFRS 15/ASC 606 (revenue recognition), IAS39/IFRS 9/CECL (financial instruments), IFRS 4 part II/IFRS 17 (insurance contracts) and IFRS 16 (leases).

    Learn more about the breadth of our accounting change expertise.


  • Modernize finance IT architectures

    Modernize finance IT architectures

    Ensure that the finance IT environment provides the efficiency, agility, insights and performance that your business requires.

    ERP solutions often fail to deliver the granularity and detail that financial controllers, finance business partners and regulatory reporting teams require. We are different than most IT-centric technology solution approaches as we focus on delivering specialist solutions for finance who have long been underserved by Big Data-type technologies and ERP platforms. Aptitude Software’s specialist engines and platforms integrate with and complement existing back office systems and often do not require the massive systems changes associated with other approaches.

    Read more about how Aptitude Software fits within a Post-Modern ERP environment from Gary Simon, CEO of FSN Publishing and Finance IT expert.